graphicWhat were the top SCVO blogs of 2014?

2014 was a year dominated by the independence referendum, and that’s reflected in this year’s top blogs. The third sector in Scotland worked with us to make sure that charities and voluntary organisations had a strong voice in the debate, and supported people to have their say and their vote.

Organisations across Scotland got excited about SCVO’s new digital participation programme, which aims to support the sector to help more people in Scotland discover theskills and confidence to get things done online.

The anger at increasing poverty in Scotland and damaging welfare reforms also topped the agenda. SCVO worked with organisations to raise awareness of what is happening in frontline organisations dealing with the knock-on effects of welfare cuts.

And how could we forget the #stickingtomyknitting fiasco? While it turned out not to be the most embarrassing story Mr Newmark played a starring role in this year, it did highlight the ongoing issue of Westminster trying to mute charity campaigners.


What does the referendum debate mean for mental health?
Lexi Parfitt | Campaigns Officer at Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH)
Casting off politics to concentrate on knitting
Felix Spittal | Policy Officer at SCVO
Come and join our digital mission
Sally Dyson | Head of Digital Participation at SCVO
We can’t avoid uncomfortable truth about the referendum result
Martin Johnstone | Chief Executive of Faith in Community Scotland and Secretary of the Poverty Truth Commission


Two of our top five blogs of 2014 were written by guest bloggers. If you’ve got a third sector issue you’d like to highlight on the SCVO blog, please get in touch with Julia – julia.morrison@scvo.org.uk