Aren’t diaries wonderful things? Certainly made sure that I’ve got to our resources blog number two!

I’m so pleased that the last blog had such a great response. It definitely kept our motivation up and made sure we carved out the time and space to bring a second list to you. Not quite the ‘difficult second album’ but I’m sure we’ll soon be in the groove and these become second nature.

There have been a plethora of events and subsequently blogs around digital participation this last couple of weeks. One of the key themes has been about digital transformation and how much really this is about organisational culture change. Should we be dropping the word digital as it’s just a tool? And a question which we visit often as a team what is a good definition of ‘digital’ anyway?

So starting from the last of those thoughts and working upwards:

  • I was introduced to this definition of digital from @coopdigital this week, I think it’s a pretty good starter for ten that we can galvanise around
  • Yes, soon – we just need to shout about integrating digital across all our strategies and activities a little bit more
  • And – about 90%

The current reading list has lots of influences from the trio above


Interesting piece from the Institute of Cultural Capital and Cisco which explores just how digitally ready UK organisations are in terms of people, process and most significantly company culture. We know that there are lots of lessons that we can learn from the well-researched private sector.

Infographic highlighting the progress that the public sector is making towards digital transformation


From the Science and Technology Committee a reportwarning that the UK risks being left behind if the Government does not take more action to address the digital skills crisis. Focus on the last of Basic Digital Skills as well as higher end, neatly reminding us that this is a continuum.


A really neat blog from Carolyne Mitchell @Cal444 summing up the National Digital Leaders 2016 conference.

Food for thought ten lessons from working in a big charity digital team. Some takeaways applicable to all of us.

Digital maturity or transformation measuring progress in complex organisations (pretty much all charities).

A nice wee article on how charities can do digital customer service successfully.

Tools, Guides and How To’s:

This week its about audience participation to help bring training and events to life a bit more.

Mentimeter a useful little tool which does real time online collaboration and voting.

Slido helping to make audience interaction easier.

Not exactly a ‘how to’ but for inspiration here are the 150 best nonprofit websites (US focused).

A really nice wee poster from The New Reality on 20 ways to achieve digital transformation.