Martin Sime, Chief Executive of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, has today issued a statement following the 2017 UK Election results:

There has been some interesting analysis around the election results this morning, and while there have been a few surprises, perhaps the most welcome outcomes so far have been that the turnout of young voters has been higher than expected, and the UK now has more women in Parliament than ever before.

“While we can only speculate at this point about what a hung Parliament will mean for Scotland’s third sector, we do believe this could create an opportunity for more participative governance, which in turn would mean more opportunities for people, charities and voluntary organisations to get involved and help influence and shape the future.

“This is a unique opportunity for politicians to listen and engage with those their policies affect and focus on finding some common ground and not just their own political ends. There are also real opportunities to change the trajectory of Brexit negotiations – in our recent membership survey 68% felt that EU policy has been good for the voluntary sector in Scotland – so there is hope that this result will open up the debate further, meaning greater participation for devolved nations and civil society, and thus greater scrutiny and transparency of the process.”