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SCVO welcomes the Department of Work and Pension’s (DWP) consultation on Universal Credit data sharing. This is an important issue for Scotland’s charities and voluntary organisations, many of whom support some of Scotland’s most vulnerable claimants. Please note th… Read more

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SCVO response to Scottish Parliament Local Government and Communities Committee Download the PDF version of this response 13 April 2018 Our position We strongly welcome all the revised National Outcomes. And the Sustainable Development Goals being used to frame them… Read more

Basic Digital Skills Framework Consultation Draft SCVO Response

Introductory questions 1. Do you agree that a simple framework for Basic Digital Skills that all key stakeholders adopt, would be useful? Yes The term ‘digital skills’ is often used to describe a wide range of skills and capabilities, from the capabilities everyone needs to be ab… Read more
Our response Question 1 – Do you agree that the Government’s three core principles are appropriate to inform the delivery of an effective and proportionate lobbying registration regime in Scotland? The core principles described are largely successful in defining wha… Read more
Introduction We welcome the opportunity to respond to this review of enterprise and skills in Scotland. Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies should fulfil a vital role in delivering Scotland’s economic priorities, fostering inclusive growth and investing in the… Read more
Section A: Draft Guidance as a whole Question 1: Are you able to find your way around the draft Guidance? The guidance is generally easy to navigate, both in the PDF and the online version. The introduction of a web specific version is welcome as it is more navigabl… Read more