Community Jobs Scotland Privacy Notice

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How we use your personal information

Community Jobs Scotland (CJS) is a Scottish Government funded programme, working to support young people towards sustainable employment. The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) manages the Community Jobs Scotland programme on behalf of the Scottish third sector.


To ensure the correct allocation of funding and to confirm eligibility for CJS we need to supply personal details to the Scottish Government and Jobcentre Plus or Skills Development Scotland. The information we share is; full name, National Insurance number, date of birth, start date of job, end date of job and leaver destination.


To ensure that on-going support is made available for young people aged between 16 and 24 years, we share the following personal details with Skills Development Scotland; full name, date of birth, address, postcode, telephone number, start date of CJS job, end date of CJS job, leaver destination, name of new employer or college/university.

Programme Compliance

SCVO will periodically conduct audits with employers to ensure compliance with the conditions of the Scottish Government funding for the CJS programme. Part of the audit can include requesting copies of payslips, signed contract of employment and evidence of review/supervision meetings conducted.

Programme Evaluation

To demonstrate the work and value of the CJS programme, SCVO will use statistical information to create reports which can, anonymously use other personal details or information that have provided.

SCVO and the employers will store information in a secure place and destroy the records after they are no longer required. For further details on how information is used, how we maintain the security of information and rights to access information we hold on individuals, contact the CJS team on 0141 559 5026 or at

Page last modified on 4th July 2018