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With over 250,000 trustees across the country who help manage, shape and guide voluntary sector organisations, we think it’s important to provide practical help and information which caters specifically to board members. With that in mind we’ve created this space to celebrate terrific trustees, provide information and news on relevant topics and link to available support and articles of interest.

Five issues affecting trustees

1. Data Protection

If you hold and process information about your clients, beneficiaries, employees or suppliers, then you’re legally obliged to protect that information. New Data Protection laws (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018 which recognises the significant risk associated with storing personal data – visit the Information Commissioner’s website for more info.

2. Lobbying

2018 will also see new rules around lobbying. If your organisation has paid members of staff who seek to influence or lobby MSPs, Scottish Ministers, Special Advisors or the Permanent Secretary you may need to comply and register under the new Lobbying (Scotland) Act. You can find out more if you think this may apply to you.

3. Fundraising

As a trustee you have overall responsibility and accountability for your organisation, and you have a role to play in ensuring your fundraising is legal, responsible and effective. Your fundraising activities should match up with the purposes, values and culture of your organisation. The Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel deals with fundraising complaints related to Scottish registered charities. But it’s better to get it right from the start. The Institute of Fundraising has guidance on fundraising and legislation, make sure you’re up to speed.

4. Brexit

There’s a lot of confusion about what Brexit will mean for the voluntary sector. But one thing is certain, there will be change. Political, economic, social and legal change. As a trustee you need to ensure your organisation can steer its way through uncertainty and continue to help its beneficiaries. With this in mind, you should be thinking about your strategic plan, the skills mix of your board, funding, budgeting and reserves, and your risk register. See our Europe and the Voluntary Sector page for more info, or take a look at our #EUareValued campaign to find out how you can show your support for EU colleagues.

5. Scottish Governance Code

Good governance is vital to the success and sustainability of any voluntary sector organisation. Lack of good governance can not only lead to internal turmoil, it can also have far reaching effects on your organisation’s reputation and long term future.  In November 2018 the Scottish Third Sector Governance Forum launched a Scottish Governance Code for the Third Sector, which includes five core principles of what makes good governance for charities. SCVO has also created a Governance Code Checkup, to be used in conjunction with this document.

New trustee?

Congratulations! You’re now one of over 250,000 trustees in Scotland who guide the work of our vibrant voluntary sector. If you’re new to your role you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, but we’re here to help with practical information. Our seven steps to help you on your way to becoming the most effective trustee you can be.

TFN Guide – Running a Charity

In November 2018 Third Force News published the ‘TFN Guide to Running a Charity or Social Enterprise‘ , available from your local TSI. It has everything you need to know about managing a voluntary sector organisation.  Articles cover governance, our Scottish Charity of the Year, five questions every trustee can ask about investments, storytelling, 10 steps to a greener organisation and much more.

Share your trustee experience

Good HQ enables voluntary sector staff, volunteers and members of the public to review charities, social enterprises and voluntary sector organisations in Scotland. Trustees often share their experiences too, like Ruth Triggs from the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. Find your organisation and share your story.

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