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Recruitment & induction

Recruitment and induction. Recruiting trustees is a vital part of what you do. Once you’ve got them, make sure they are given a thorough… Read more

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Trustee recruitment is about knowing what skills you’re looking for and making your new trustees feel welcome. Read more

Getting started

Introduction This module will allow you to access and start working on the new Milo system on Salesforce. If you just want to get the basics, module 00 – Quick Start Guide, will enable you to access the system and start exploring. If you would like more step by step guidance, jus… Read more
We all know how hard it can be to recruit trustees, but a new report has found that it’s not that people aren’t interested in being on a board – the problem is down to poor recruitment practices that are in danger of damaging the effectiveness of charities across th… Read more

Get started

Get started. Are you thinking about setting up a new voluntary organisation, community group or charity? Is your aim to bring about change… Read more

Quick start guide

Introduction Welcome to Milo, the database for Scotland’s third sector interface network. The quick start guide is intended for users who want to start working with Milo straight away. For a more in-depth, step-by-step guide, please see the individual modules for each secti… Read more