Carers Act Transformation Support (CATS) Fund

The Gathering 2018

The Carers Acts Transformation Support (CATS) Fund is now closed to applications.

A budget of around £0.5 million has been set aside to provide funding to third sector organisations to allow them to gear up for supporting the implementation of the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 (“the Act”) in 2018/19 through help with funding for transformation costs.

In Round 1 we were able to support 28 applications from organisations across Scotland to develop their capacity through improvements to their systems and/or technology. See what we have funded.

Round 2 of this fund will focus on supporting third sector organisations which have a role in local implementation of the Act the opportunity to apply for small grants to purchase hardware/software to improve their capacity to do so.

The closing date for applications to Round 2 of the CATS fund was 30 November 2018 – if you require any further information on the Carers Acts Transformation Support (CATS) Fund or want to chat through a possible proposal contact Irene Connelly 0141 465 7537; email

Page last modified on 3rd December 2018