Activity criteria

Activity Criteria – what can we fund?

As in rounds 1 and 2 of the CATS fund, this round continues to help third sector organisations who are commissioned via their Local Authority or Health & Social Care Partnership to provide support to carers which is aligned with the implementation of the Carers Scotland (Act) 2016 with funding for transformation costs to develop their capacity to do so. As in rounds 1 and 2, CATS round 3 will not fund the delivery of direct services or support to carers, which is funded locally.

The focus is on activities and short term projects that will contribute to specific outcomes from the Carers Act Implementation Plan (see below). Each application must be for ONE strand only, however you can apply to more than one strand.

Where indirect costs are incurred relating to the support of the work to be funded e.g. costs of management, use of office equipment, space and activities that partly support the work to be funded, we will consider these and would expect such costs would not exceed 10% of the activity costs associated. Such costs should be included in your proposal.

The fund will not support:

  • Delivery of direct carer services
  • Direct staffing costs, including any backfill costs * see note below
  • Lobbying activity
  • Political activity
  • General running costs of an organisation
  • Promotion of religion
  • Fund-raising promotions and activities

* Proposals under Strand 1 will be able to include costs associated with increasing the hours of an existing staff member or hours for sessional staff if they will be directly involved in the development and delivery of pilot projects.

There are three strands to the fund:

Strand 1

This strand will support eligible organisations to develop/test NEW approaches, via short term pilot projects, in relation to contributing to specific outcomes from the Carers Act Implementation Plan (see below) For example funding could be available to:

  • Develop and test new or alternative carer engagement methods/approaches using digital technology
  • Develop and test new or alternative approaches to mapping local community assets and resources to help carers identify different opportunities e.g. around health and well being
  • Develop and implement knowledge and experience exchange events/forums/networks/approaches with the aim of promoting collaboration, partnership working and innovation – this could include organisations, local authorities, public bodies, carers.

Strand 2

This strand will support eligible organisations to undertake one-off organisational training and development activities for staff and volunteers in relation to contributing to specific outcomes from the Carers Act Implementation Plan (see below) For example, training to:

  • Promote Benefit awareness
  • Develop group work facilitation skills to support training activities
  • Develop the digital skills of staff and volunteers
  • Develop practices which will help build your evidence base and demonstrate impact
  • Improve the reach and effectiveness of your Communications & Marketing
  • Purchase consultancy time for example to review business practices and processes


Strand 3

Priority for this strand will be given to applicants who have not previously received CATS support for systems, IT hardware/software. This strand will help organisations to transform their information/data management systems and processes to ensure they have the technical, data collection and IT capacity to contributing to specific outcomes from the Carers Act Implementation Plan (see below) For example funding could be available to:

  • Improve existing IT systems;
  • Development of new processes e.g. on line tracking systems or referral systems;
  • Software upgrades; purchasing equipment/hardware;
  • Development of evaluation tools/systems;
  • Website development e.g. you may want to re-visit your website to improve navigation for those accessing services

The examples given above are merely for illustration purposes. Organisations involved in the implementation of the Act are best placed to identify/recognise potential opportunities that fit the fund criteria. Please feel free to contact Irene Connelly if you want to chat through any ideas – 0141 465 7537

Carers Act Implementation Plan

Priority 3: Workforce and Systems Support and Development


  • Third sector provider organisations have the capacity to deliver flexible, personalised support to carers.
  • Local authorities, HSCPs, Health Boards and third sector social care providers empower and promote partnership working, collaboration and innovation, including recognising the role of community assets and building resilient communities.


Priority 5: Carer involvement and choice


  • Carer is involved in personal health and social care decisions
  • Carers have a range of choices and a strong role as equal partners in care and in commissioning their own support.
  • Statutory bodies work in partnership with third sector and carers in strategic development of carer support and in commissioning.


Page last modified on 23rd January 2020