Application process

The application process consists of one online form that must be fully complete in one go before your application will be assessed. You may find it useful to prepare your responses on a word document then paste this on to the application form. Where you are unable to complete the on line application contact and we will arrange a word document to be issued to you. If successful, you will also have some key obligations as part of the Grant Contract as follows:

  • Maintain accurate records of your funded activity, financial records and receipts
  • Provide feedback on progress at agreed intervals and participate in the fund’s evaluation
  • Support the sharing of learning from the activities supported by the Carers Act Transformation Support (CATS) fund. This will be in the provision of data and information reasonably requested and the attendance at events

You can also download a copy of the Grant contract to ensure you can comply:

Page last modified on 23rd January 2020