Application form guidance notes – CCRF Round 5

The application process consists of one online form that must be fully complete before your application will be assessed. Once you start your application you should fill out all of the questions in one go, so make sure you have everything prepared before starting. You may find it useful to prepare your responses on a word document and then paste it in to the application form. Once you are happy with the content click on ‘submit’ to finalise your application- you will no longer be able to edit your form after you click ‘ submit’ You will be emailed a copy of all your responses. 

If you are unable to access the online application form, we can arrange to forward to you a word document. 

The Application form is in 4 short sections 

Section 1 – About your organisation 

You’ll be asked to answer the following questions. 

  • Organisation Name – Please enter the name of your organisation 
  • Organisation address – Please enter the postal address of the organisation 
  • Local Authority Area – Please enter your local authority area  
  • Organisation overview – Please give some background on your organisation, your aims and activities (max 150 words). This is about your organisation NOT the project/activities you are seeking funding for. 
  • Website – Please enter your organisations website address 
  • Number of staff – Please indicate your staff and volunteer numbers  
  • Lead Contact – Who is the lead contact for the purpose of this application? This is the person who we will communicate with and who will sign the contract if a grant is awarded.  
  • Email – Please enter the email address of the lead contact. Please ensure this is entered correctly to avoid emails being undeliverable 
  • Telephone – Please enter the telephone number of the lead contact 
  • Address – Please enter the address of the lead contact – this is the organisation address NOT personal address  
  • Type of organisation – Please enter your organisation’s type e.g. charity, social enterpriseetc. 
  • Charity number/regulation number/company number –enter your details.(leave blank if your organisation is not regulated) 
  • Annual Income– Please enter your organisation’s annual income. The fund is only open to third sector organisations with an annual income of £250,000 or less. You will be required to evidence this if your application is successful. Evidence we will require will be your most recent final accounts  

Section 2 – Project Details 

Project Name 

Tell us what your proposed project is called. Keep this title short.  

Describe what you would like us to fund 

Tell us:  

  • WHAT it is you will be doing and HOW you’re going to do it e.g. delivering workshops/providing outreach services/holding events/training sessions/developing resources etc. Remember to include the frequency/volume/numbers and include any partners and the role they will play 
  • WHY you want to do it and how you came up with this idea/approachWhat makes this innovative/creative?  
  • WHO will benefit from the activities/services – is it staff/volunteers/specific client group/specific age group 
  • WHERE (geographical area(s) the activities/services will be available from/delivered in. 

Remember this is a competitive application process so please make sure you address all these points. See examples in the hints & tips section 

What will the funding help you to achieve?  

This section is where you must demonstrate  

  • How your proposal will expand/develop your organisation’s capacity in order to meet demand relating to welfare reform 
  • How it will help bring organisations together in partnership to support people 
  • How it will develop people’s ability to prevent themselves from reaching crisis point 

Tell us about 

  • The DIFFERENCE your project will make, the IMPACT it will have in relation to mitigating the effects of welfare reform, combating poverty and social inequality, promoting social inclusion and having a preventative impact in your community 
  • HOW MANY people will benefit from it and in what way. 
  • Tell us also about any LONGER TERM IMPACT it will have.  

Remember this is a competitive application process so please make sure you address all these points. 

See examples in the hints & tips section 

How will you monitor and evaluate your project? 

There are a number of ways you can gather evidence about your project. In this section we want you to tell us how you will approach this. Tell us the methods you will use e.g. attendance sheets, questionnaires, focus groups, case studies, personal reflection videos/diaries. We also want to hear about the timing of your evidence collection. The import thing here is to make sure that the methods you use will enable you to demonstrate the difference your project will make and the impact it will have.   

Start and End Date – The earliest start date for successful projects is 3rd February 2020. All projects must be completed by 30th October 2020. 

Amount of funding you are applying for   

Enter the amount you require to deliver the project. The maximum is £7,500  

Financial Information  

In this section please give an indication as to what the funding you are requesting will be spent on. There is no need to itemise your spend fully -broad headings will suffice at this point. Think about things such as (but not limited to); staff costs, material production, purchasing of items/goods/services, training materials, volunteer expenses. This funding is NOT for core costs e.g. rent, utilities, existing staff costs, but for projects/activities that organisations do not have the capacity to carry out otherwise. 

Section 3 – Reference 

You should only complete this section if you DO NOT have a charity or other regulation number. Please ensure the organisation who will supply a reference is aware of this and agreed with you that SCVO can contact them.  

  • Organisation name – Please enter the full name of the organisation who will provided a reference 
  • Address – Please provide the full postal address of the organisation who will provide a reference 
  • Website – Please give the website address of the organisation who will provide a reference 
  • Charity/regulation number – Please provide this information for the organisation who will provide the reference and specify the register e.g. OSCR, Scottish Housing regulator, Financial Conduct Authority etc. 
  • Contact person details – Please provide the name and position of the person in the organisation who will provide a reference 
  • Email and telephone number of contact person– Please provide these contact details for the person in the organisation who will provide a reference 

Section 4 – Declaration 

To be completed by ALL Applicants 

The person completing this declaration must have the authority to do so. When you have completed all sections of the application form you can if you wish to go back and review the content and make changes if you wish. Once you are happy with the content click on ‘submit’ to finalise your application – you will no longer be able to edit your form after you have clicked ‘submit’ When you have submitted your application form you will receive a copy of your responses by email 

Page last modified on 5th November 2019