Project ideas

To get you thinking, below are some ideas that could increase an organisation’s capacity to help people mitigate the impact of welfare reform and poverty. Visit our website to see the projects that we funded in previous rounds.

  • Develop an online system to track referrals and aid networking between organisations
  • Train staff/volunteers in benefits advice
  • Bring in-house an external benefits advisor
  • Add some staffing hours to a service you currently provide to meet increase in demand
  • Pilot an idea you think might benefit your community –something that is not currently being done. This could be a short, sharp piece of work that is time bound e.g. 6-9 months or a longer project, up to 12 months
  • Set up or provide time for staff to take part in networks around welfare reform
  • Build local partnerships to ensure clients are more effectively supported
  • Promote your service within the community – focussed promotion campaigns, open days etc.
  • Develop materials which aid work in relation to welfare reform and/or tackling poverty
  • Develop a volunteer recruitment programme
  • Facilitate knowledge and experience sharing – hosting events with partner organisations, inter-agency job shadowing etc.
  • Develop innovative support for local people e.g. cheaper food, community food sources, budgeting workshops, peer support groups
Page last modified on 17th September 2018