Music & film licensing

If you or people using your facilities use music for the benefit of customers, visitors or staff, by law you need permission from the relevant copyright owners in the form of a licence.

This includes playing live, recorded or broadcast music at public events, background music in shops, street performances, festivals, in day centres or for dancing or exercise classes. Licences are even required for offices and other workplaces.

More information

Community Matters has a guide to music licensing that gives information on the Performing Right Society for Music (PRS) and Phonographic Performance Limited UK (PPL), when these licences are required, the fees payable, and some tips on how to keep licence fees low.

Community buildings run by voluntary organisations are eligible for a special joint licensing scheme administered by PRS for Music and covering both PPL and PRS for Music Licences.

To put on a public screening of a film you will need permission from the copyright owner of the film. Permission is granted in the form of a licence. For more information see the Independent Cinema Office website.

Page last modified on 21st May 2018