Safeguarding is a term that has been widely used recently with regards to charities, but what does it mean for your organisation?

Safeguarding basically means ensuring that there are measures in place to make sure that beneficiaries and others who come into contact with your organisation are protected from harm.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, and for both trustees and staff it means going over and above your minimum legal responsibilities and making sure the culture within your organisation is to respect and protect the people there.

SCVO’s Good Governance & Safeguarding: A Guide for Trustees looks at how the Scottish Governance Code and SCVO’s Good Governance Checkup can be used to help develop a strong safeguarding culture in your organisation. The Guide focusses on the oversight and governance role of trustees and looks at how you can demonstrate and implement each of the five core principles of the Scottish Governance Code with specific regard to safeguarding:

Here are some more resources to help you become more familiar with Safeguarding:

OSCR – Interim Safeguarding Guidance: Keeping vulnerable beneficiaries safe

Scottish Government and Scotland’s International Development Alliance ‘Safer for All’ Safeguarding Support Package

Protection of Vulnerable Groups

OSCR – Safeguarding and Notifiable events – two key items for your next meeting

Charity Commission – strategy for dealing with safeguarding issues within charities

Know How Non-Profit – Guidance on writing a safeguarding policy

Keeping Children Safe Resource Library

Bond Safeguarding Policy Templates

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