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Recruitment & induction

Recruitment and induction. Recruiting trustees is a vital part of what you do. Once you’ve got them, make sure they are given a thorough… Read more

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Running your organisation

SCVO support to help you manage your organisation. Information on managing charity finances. Advice on how to write a business plan and more… Read more

Developing your board

Developing your board. You can’t sit a group of people around a table and assume that they will automatically become a highly effective… Read more
We all know how hard it can be to recruit trustees, but a new report has found that it’s not that people aren’t interested in being on a board – the problem is down to poor recruitment practices that are in danger of damaging the effectiveness of charities across th… Read more
Trustee recruitment is about knowing what skills you’re looking for and making your new trustees feel welcome. Read more


Meetings. Most of a governing body’s work is carried out through meetings. Your governing document will usually outline the type of meetings… Read more