Scottish Charity Awards FAQs

Scottish Charity Awards FAQs

1. Can we apply for more than one category?

Organisations and individuals can apply as many times as they like.

2. Who can apply?

Entry is open to all types of voluntary organisations, including registered charities, social enterprises and campaigning groups.

3. Unsure what category to apply under?

When applying please ensure you read the criteria specified in the applications form, for example Charity Champion recognises a volunteer, supporter or patron who is not paid by the organisation. Terrific Trustee recognises a trustee or board member and Leading Light recognises a paid employee.

4. Who can verify my application?

The independent verifier needs to be someone not associated/employed with the organisation submitting the form i.e. another organisation or individual who is aware of the work, individual, campaign

5. Our entry/timeframe isn’t complete or began before the entry date stated on the form?

The focus of the entry should be on activities carried out within the entry period, 1 Jan 2018 to 31 March 2019. However, the judging panel will take into consideration work leading up to this period

6. We have additional evidence to support our application, can we send this to back up our entry?

You can also submit up to two pieces of supporting evidence to demonstrate impact of your charity e.g. artwork, photos, videos or testimonials. Please note supporting evidence is additional information that may not be fully considered by the judges.

7. What is the closing date for applications?

5pm on 25 March 2019

Page last modified on 18th April 2019