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Tax dodging and ducking the minimum wage aren’t okay, but they’re happening across Britain today – and we’re all losing out because of it. Read more

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Increases in the living wage would have more of an impact if more employers were committed to paying it. Our sector has a role to play in leading the living wage revolution. Read more
Jenny talks to Jill Wood from Engender about the Labour leadership race, women in politics, and the gender pay gap. How are women doing in Scottish politics? Why, 44 years on from the Equal Pay Act, do men get on average 13% more pay than women in Scotland? And is t… Read more
Shifting the balance of the bill The need to radically rethink how public services operate and the outcomes they achieve is part of the rationale behind the Bill. There are significant challenges ahead in this regard, not least of these being the need to shift power… Read more
Some tips on setting your pay scales so you can pay your staff a fair and competitive wage. Read more
The big stooshie over what the BBC pays its stars made for interesting reading last week, and anyone from the third sector who thinks this bad news story has no bearing on what we do, should think again… Last week’s BBC Annual Report and Accounts not only showed sev… Read more