SCVO’s membership

SCVO is a membership organisation.  Our community of 2,000+ members believe that charities, community groups, social enterprises and voluntary organisations help make Scotland a better place; and our shared voice has the power and influence to tackle pressing issues, and create a better future for the people and communities we care about.

SCVO also offers vital support and services that help organisations run smoothly.

Thinking about joining?

Members should join us first and foremost because they believe in our purpose and want to work with us to achieve their own ambitions as well as those of Scotland’s wider sector.

People have also told us that there is a need for a strong, authentic, national voice for the voluntary sector and that we are best placed to deliver that.

Membership Review

We are committed to growing and developing our membership, and to reviewing the value that membership offers. This will recognise the diversity of the sector, not only in terms of size, remit and location, but also in terms of priorities and beliefs.

We are undertaking a membership review, committing to understanding and developing the value of and for members, as well as simplifying our membership structure.

We are still welcoming members while this review is taking place, so here’s how to join!

We want to explore membership with our members and prospective members to understand how it can act as a key way to demonstrate collective commitment and belief in the power of the voluntary sector to change lives and communities.

If you have any ideas or would like to be involved, please get in touch, please contact our Membership Development Manager Sarah Currie or on 0131 474 8043.

Page last modified on 14th August 2019