Setting up a charity

From associations to trusts, social enterprises, companies limited by guarantee and SCIOs – it’s no wonder that setting up a voluntary sector organisation can feel confusing.

Our information will help you to make the best decisions to set up an organisation that fits your goals.

Our guide to setting up a charity:

1. Get started

Information to help you think through some of the key issues around starting a voluntary sector organisation in Scotland. Read more

2. Make a plan

Developing a new voluntary sector organisation takes careful planning to map out your vision and pay attention to all the detail. Read more

3. Decide on membership

Membership organisations are common in the voluntary sector. You just have to choose the right kind for you. Read more

4. Decide on charitable status

How to understand the particular circumstances of your organisation and decide which option is right for you. Read more

5. Consider the risks

Consider the types of activity you will be involved in and the level of risk attached. Read more

6. Decide on a structure

Choose the right legal structure for your organisation based on what you plan to do. Read more

7. Write your constitution

Once you have decided on your legal structure and are ready to draft your constitution. We’ve got models you can follow. Read more

8. Next steps

Register your new organisation with the appropriate body. Then get on with the business of running your organisation. Read more

Page last modified on 16th January 2020