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Decide on structure

Decide on a structure. Choose the right legal structure for your organisation, based on what you plan to do. The type of legal structure… Read more

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Other structures

Other structures. Social enterprise. Karina MacRitchie from Senscot Legal outlines the . OSCR has answered some . TFN has a useful article… Read more

Setting up a charity

Setting up a charity. From Voluntary associations to trusts, social enterprises, companies limited by guarantee and SCIOs – it’s now wonder… Read more

Decide on membership

Decide on membership. Membership organisations are probably the most common type of organisation in the voluntary sector. They have a two… Read more


Trust. A trust is usually set up where assets (eg property, investments) are given by one person (the Donor) to another (the Trustees) with… Read more

Decide on charitable status

Decide on charitable status. A charity is a voluntary organisation which has been set up only for charitable purposes and to provide a… Read more