Financial planning for non-financial managers 30th January 2020, Edinburgh - Fully booked

30th January 2020 09:30
30th January 2020 16:00
Pamela Redpath
Helen Swatton
0141 465 7531
Members £100, Third sector non members £150, Public/private £200
Course overview

Good financial management is essential as finances tighten and funding sources become more diverse. The aim of this one day course is to explore the role of financial management in an effective organisation and to realise that it’s about more than just numbers.

The session will familiarise participants with the concepts and language of financial management and provide basic technical knowledge and skills to allow participants to improve the financial management of their own organisations.

Overall course aim

The course aims to do this by:

  • demystifying the financial jargon;
  • increasing understanding of financial statements;
  • explaining the relevance of financial management tools, such as budgets and cashflow projections;
  • providing simple, practical worked examples of how these are constructed;
  • explaining full cost recovery through a fun exercise;
  • emphasising that financial management is part of the overall strategy of the organisation;
  • emphasising the special features of voluntary sector organisations and the need to maintain the essential balance between a business-like approach and the social goals.

Course objectives

The course covers all the main aspects of financial management, looking backwards at annual accounts and forwards at planning tools, and how these are linked:

Financial management:

  • role of financial management – purpose and responsibilities;
  • financial management and the need for sound control systems.

Management reporting:

  • management reporting to the Board;
  • accountability and reporting to funders and stakeholders.

Statutory Financial Statements:

  • principles underlying financial accounting statutory reporting requirements;
  • content and format;
  • working through a set of annual accounts to explain the terminology, what the figures mean and how the different parts link together;
  • how the new SORP will affect annual accounts.


  • purpose;
  • setting;
  • monitoring and reporting;
  • full cost recovery.

Cashflow projections:

  • purpose and construction of simple cashflow

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is aimed at people requiring an introduction to the principles of sound financial management and the basic technical knowledge and skills to implement these principles.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.

Please note this course is now fully booked!

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