The Gathering
20th & 21st February / SEC, Glasgow
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Trustees – do you know the risks?

Hosted by Keegan & Pennykid (Insurance Brokers) Ltd

Date: Thursday 21 February
Time: 1.30pm – 2.30pm
Room: Dochart Suite

The legal obligations of trustees, which include compliance with law and regulation, are generally as onerous as those of a director of a company. In some cases the nature of the charity will be such that there will be the real possibility of personal liability, for example where there is active fundraising, the organisation of events, counselling, assistance or the provision of information. We will discuss how Charity Trustees Indemnity Insurance provides an indemnity to trustees, directors and officers of an unincorporated charity or service company (such as a trading subsidiary) and the equivalent cover for personal liability of officers and committee members of unincorporated associations.

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