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20th & 21st February / SEC, Glasgow
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Listen Well Scotland

Twitter: @ListenWellScot

Listen Well Scotland is a small Scottish Charity committed to making a positive impact on mental wellbeing through active listening. It provides quality listening training which is unique, safe and robust. Credit Rating by Edinburgh Napier University for the Foundation and Advanced Courses provides academic and professional validation of the training material. The charity also provides a one to one listening service – Listening Time4U – delivered by experienced Registered Listeners.

The focus of our work over the next 3 – 5 years is the wellbeing of young people. This follows the positive independent evaluation of our new listening course for senior pupils – the Listen Well Award – piloted in 7 schools in Scotland and involving 95 pupils. Gaining skills in active listening, young people can make a positive impact on health and wellbeing through improved peer communication. This course is now available to schools across Scotland, in addition to training for staff. In a number of schools Listening Time4U is also being delivered as an early intervention for young people experiencing stress which is impacting on their mental wellbeing.

Listening empowers others to tell their story without judgement, find their own solutions and as a result discover inner resilience and wellbeing.

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