The Gathering
20th & 21st February / SEC, Glasgow
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Scottish Government – Land Reform Policy and Legislation Team


The Scottish Government has an ambitious programme of land reform, based on the 6 Principles of the Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement. These include taking a human rights and sustainable development approach to land, and encouraging landowners and communities to work together for mutually beneficial outcomes and the public good.

It also includes supporting a more diverse pattern of land ownership, including community ownership, encouraging high standards of land ownership, management and use, and improved transparency of information about the ownership, use and management of land.
The Scottish Government’s programme of land reform is supported by the work of the Scottish Land Commission, which was established as part of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016.

A copy of the Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement Statement can be found at A copy of the Scottish Government’s Guidance on Engaging Communities in Decisions Relating to Land, which supports greater collaboration and community engagement in decisions relating to land can be found at:

Scottish Government’s Land Reform Team will be at the exhibition place and are available to talk and network with.

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