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Scottish Parliament Lobbying Register Team


The Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016 was commenced on 12 March 2018. From that date the Act has required, by law, instances of “regulated” lobbying to be recorded in a new public Lobbying Register, operated by the Scottish Parliament.

By the end of its first year of operation the Lobbying Register is already on course to contain over 5000 published Information Returns, from over 1000 companies, organisations and sole traders, involved in face-to-face lobbying of MSPs or the Scottish Government’s Ministers, Permanent Secretary or Special Advisers.

If you think your organisation is engaging in regulated lobbying, you need to register and provide Information Returns.  Full Parliamentary Guidance is available to help you determine that, as well as this introductory information leaflet, explaining the key aspects of regulated lobbying and whether any exemptions may apply to your circumstances.

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