Membership Eligibility

Membership is critical to our work. As a member led organisation and representative body for the voluntary sector in Scotland, SCVO welcomes the diversity of organisation types and sizes that contribute to a thriving sector. There is no single classification or legal structure that defines a voluntary organisation. Eligibility for SCVO membership is therefore determined by assessment of an organisation’s social purpose and who benefits from its activities.  

SCVO members play an active role in shaping our work. If you are accepted as a member, you can influence policy, nominate to the Board and have voting rights.

You may be eligible for membership of SCVO if:  

  • You are a voluntary organisation – i.e. an independent, self-governing body of people who have come together to act for the benefit of the community. 
  • Your organisation is non-profit distributing 
  • Your organisation has a presence in Scotland. [If you are located elsewhere in the UK, please consider joining our counterparts in EnglandNorthern Ireland or Wales

If you would like to join us as a member, please visit our join us page.

Organisations not eligible for membership can join SCVO as a supporter.

SCVO membership and supporter fees depend on your annual income. If your organisation’s annual income is less than £50,000 you are currently eligible for free membership. Further details of membership benefits and fees can be found on our Benefits page. Please note that supporter benefits and fees differ, details of which can be found on our supporters page.

SCVO reserves the right to refuse membership to any organisation it believes has not met the eligibility as set out in our statement and guidance (see below).

View our Membership Eligibility Guidance.

Page last modified on 27th January 2020