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Tax & VAT service

Tax and VAT Helpline Service We have lots of useful information on Tax and VAT in our ‘Running your organisation‘ section, but SCVO members* can also access our Tax and VAT helpline service for bespoke advice on a variety of related topics, including: how to improve y… Read more

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Tax & VAT

Tax & VAT. There is a common misconception that charities don’t pay tax of any kind – that’s not true!. If your organisation is a charity… Read more
In recent weeks, Theresa May has resembled the dismembered Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Despite receiving seemingly fatal blows, she somehow survives and carries on regardless. Think what you may of the Prime Minister, her determination is someth… Read more
Last week I chaired a joint SCVO-ICAS event on charity tax. We had speakers from the UK Treasury and Revenue and Customs, and from the Charity Tax Group. ICAS also spoke. It was a good session, with about 30 attendees – a mix of sector (large and small) and chartere… Read more
Many people believe that charities don’t pay tax – but that’s just not the case! Whilst charities do benefit from a range of tax incentives on charitable giving – particularly from Gift Aid – there are still at least 18 different taxes that can affect them. The Char… Read more
Introduction Tax reform is a complex issue and not one that we are experts in. However, given that a large number of our member organisations support those on low incomes and/or benefits, that others campaign for changes in land distribution and ownership, and that … Read more