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The Digital team at SCVO are working with several partners across the housing sector to develop a network of digital champions working in social housing around Scotland.

What the data tells us

  • 20% of the Scottish population don’t have all the essential digital skills.
  • 7% of the Scottish population have none.
  • Those without essential digital skills are likely to be facing other forms of social exclusion and inequality – they are more likely to be older, disabled and from low income households.
  • People living in social housing are 20% less likely to have the digital skills they need, than people who rent privately.

But there are a range of different approaches that can make a big difference to these statistics, and support wider and more equal digital access and skills for all tenants.

What our project is doing

We’re currently working with up to 30 Housing Organisations from across Scotland offering them a fully funded comprehensive training and support opportunity.

Our support package includes:  

  • working to identify a digital motivator within the organisation,  
  • offering a two day residential bootcamp to inspire and support the motivator 
  • delivering short and informal surgeries with digital champions from across the staff team 
  • supporting them to record and monitor digital inclusion activity 
  • supporting access to credit rated qualifications for involved staff to aid career progress 

These digital champions will be in roles that support people who are facing multiple disadvantages. They will make sure that digital is a tool to overcome some of these disadvantages, rather than something that increases inequalities. 

We aren’t reinventing the wheel, but are building on what works, and where the greatest needs are. We’ll be sharing our learning and reflections from throughout the project so watch this space!

Here’s what the Housing sector is saying

“Digital Participation is important in every sector but especially in Housing. We frequently engage with tenants, residents and the wider community not just on issues around bricks and mortars but also welfare, community inclusion, education and culture. Whether it’s supporting a tenant to get online to pay their rent or report repairs, encouraging people connect to friends and family via social media or just talking about your favourite Netflix show, these opportunities need to be embraced.”  

Rory Brown. Govan Housing Association 

Here’s what one of our Digital Motivators had to say from our initial bootcamp back in April 2019 :

How inspiring it was to be in a room full of dynamic, like-minded colleagues from different associations and housing providers who have our customers at the core of what we do, who see digital as an integral part of our service rather than as an afterthought. The 2 day session was quick paced and engaging, and I came away not only with a plan of how to move forward, but with existing networks strengthened and new and exciting links formed that will help me to implement this plan for the benefit of customers and colleagues alike.

Debs Allan, Linston Housing Association

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