Funding information

Becoming a Community Jobs Scotland employer has many benefits, including

  • Improving the level of service your organisation can deliver
  • Providing mentoring or supervisory experience for existing members of staff
  • Widening the pool of people your organisation would usually recruit from
  • Help you to demonstrate your commitment to supporting young people

A fund of £10,000 is available for each completed CJS contract. You will receive 2 upfront payments; the first when start paperwork is completed and second, half way through on completion of a progress review.  The remaining funding is paid monthly in arrears. This is to help cover:

  • employee wage
  • employer’s NI
  • pension contributions
  • support and supervision
  • induction
  • on-the job training

A limited fund is also available that can be used to support employers towards paying the Living Wage.


Page last modified on 21st May 2018