“What new apps are you using?” (or a variant of this) is one of the most frequent questions that the @digiscot team is asked.

So often in fact, that we started cataloguing the many apps and useful digital tools that came across our desks. Some we trialled, some we just logged, some were passing fancies, some are individual favourites which others curl their noses up at, and some are clear keepers for us all.

One of the things we definitely don’t like doing as a team is keeping information to ourselves. So we started sharing our findings with colleagues through blogs (see ‘The world of resources at your fingertips’), via the stories from our digital pioneers, and even taking it to another level entirely by bringing a few hundred people together at The Gathering in 2016, where attendees got first hand exposure to some great tools and the creators behind them.

As the digital team meet with a range of people across the UK and beyond, we always seem to have a quick catch up about what we’re still using. The perennial favourites still seem to be Slack, Trello Boards and WhatsApp groups. My passion for Slack – for work and home – has not diminished, and neither has Twitter for research, sharing & connecting (honestly, that is what I’m doing!). I’ve not found a niche in my life for Snapchat and lost count of how many times I think I’m going to get to grips with WorkFlowy ‘this time’. Yet, I don’t get past first base and my desire for a beautiful notebook and pen kicks in (sorry Maddie).

So where is this taking us all? Fortunately, to the stationery shop of apps, Charity Catalogue, where we can browse through a range of curated apps which folk in the third sector are using, trialling and adding to on a regular basis. We were delighted to halt the production of creating our own resource and start to collaborate using this platform instead, and feel we’re getting the best of both worlds – the opportunity to be part of this crowd sourced smorgasbord and pick and mix to our hearts delight. We hope you’ll join us!