Over the last year I’ve worked with Scotland’s Third Sector Governance Forum to draft a new Scottish Governance Code. We’re now looking for your views on whether we’ve got it right.

The Code sets out five broad principles of good governance that can act as a point of reference for trustees in carrying out their role. They can be summarised under the following broad headings:

  1. Organisational Purpose
  2. Leadership
  3. Behaviour
  4. Control
  5. Effectiveness

The Code explains why these principles matter, and the difference they can make to the work of a board. Designed to be used by charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprise in Scotland, the Code should work for all organisations, large or small. So whether you’re new to a local management committee, or a governance geek that’s been on large charity boards for many years, we want your views.

Now I know that most people become trustees because they’re inspired by a cause and want to make a difference. I get that the process of governance is not that interesting or exciting for many, other than your governance geeks. But governance matters.

Our sector has faced many challenges over the last few years. Many tabloid headlines could have been avoided if governance had been stronger and better. So we hope this Code will play a role in rebuilding trust and confidence, and start a discussion and debate about what good governance means in Scotland.

We hope we’ve got it right, but if you think we haven’t, tell us. Take 10 minutes to give us your thoughts and comments by filling in this survey. The closing date is 3 August 2018. Let us know what works, and what needs changing. It’ll be great to hear from you.