Guidance on completing the application form

Completing the Application Form – Guidance Notes

Completing the Application Form – Guidance Notes

The application process consists of one online form that must be fully complete before your application will be assessed. Once you start your application you should fill out all of the questions in one go, so make sure you have everything prepared before starting. You may find it useful to prepare your responses on a word document and then paste it in to the application form. Once you are happy with the content click on ‘submit’ to finalise your application- you will no longer be able to edit your form after you click ‘ submit’ You will be emailed a copy of all your responses.

If you are unable to access the online application form, we can arrange to forward to you a word document.

The Application form is in 5 sections.

Section 1 – About your organisation

You’ll be asked to answer the following questions.

  • Organisation Name – Please enter the name of your organisation
  • Organisation address – Please enter the postal address of the organisation
  • Local Authority Area – Please enter your local authority area where you deliver services
  • Organisation overview – Please give some background on your organisation – its’ aims and activities (max 150 words). This is about your organisation NOT the proposal you are seeking funding for.
  • Website – Please enter your organisations website address
  • Number of staff – Please indicate your staff and volunteer numbers
  • Lead Contact – Who is the lead contact for the purpose of this application? This is the person who we will communicate with and if successful will sign the grant contract.
  • Lead contact Email – Please enter the email address of the lead contact. Please ensure this is entered correctly to avoid emails being undeliverable
  • Telephone – Please enter the telephone number of the lead contact
  • Lead contact address – Please enter the business address for the lead contact – not personal address
  • Type of organisation – Please enter your organisation’s type e.g. charity, social enterprise, etc.
  • Charity number/regulation number – you will be asked if you have a charity number/regulation number. If you do have, click the yes box then enter your number. If not, click the no box. Further on in the application form you will be asked to provide a reference. This is details of a regulated organisation i.e. charity, SCIO, Local Authority that will provide, when requested by SCVO, confirmation of your organisation and its purpose.

Section 2 – Details of your proposal

Your response to the questions in this section must demonstrate that your proposal fits with this fund, will help your organisation to support the role it has in the implementation of the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 and contribute to specific outcomes from the Carers Act Implementation Plan (see below).

It is important that you clearly make the case for funding – this is a competitive process

You will be asked the following questions:

  • What carer support services are being commissioned by your Local Authority/ Health & Social Care Partnership that will support the implementation of the Carers Act?

We want you to let us know about the context/landscape in your local authority area. What is your role in the implementation of the Act? What are you funded to deliver under the Act?

You must also include details of the local authority/Health & Social Care Partnership contact i.e. name, address, telephone number, email

  • Please indicate which strand of the fund you are applying to.

There are 3 strands to the fund and you must select one only

  • Strand 1 Develop/Test
  • Strand 2 Organisational Development
  • Strand 3 IT/Infrastructure
  • What Outcomes in the Carers Act Implementation Plan will your proposal contribute to?

You will asked to select all the outcomes that are relevant to your proposal

  • Describe what you would like us to fund

We want you to tell us exactly what you want us to fund. For example –

Developing/testing a new carer engagement process – Why? How will you do this? What is involved? Who is involved? What will the impact be? How will you measure this?

Purchasing new equipment/software – What? Why? How many? Developing an App? Going from paper based to cloud based processes? Does it also involve staff training? What will the benefits/impact be? How will you measure this|?

Organisational development – what training and development? Why? Benefits/impact? How will you measure this? What staff is involved?

  • Describe how your proposal will contribute to the outcomes you have indicated above

The information you provide here must be clearly demonstrated. Please address each of the outcomes you will contribute to.

  • How will this grant help you with the efficient and effective provision of the carer support services you are commissioned to deliver, as well as your wider carers support activities?

We want you to tell us what difference your proposal will make and the impact it will have in    relation to your organisation’s role in the implementation of the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016. Don’t forget the impact on staff and volunteers.

  • Start date and end date

The earliest activity can start is 12th August and all activity must be completed by 31st March 2020 and all funding spent by that date.

  • Section 3 – Financial Information

Amount of funding you are applying for from the Carers Act Transformation Support (CATS) Fund? The maximum grant award for a single application is £10,000

  • Proposal cost breakdown

In this section please give us a detailed breakdown of the total cost of your proposed activity. List all elements e.g. equipment purchases, services, training costs, venue hire, licence costs, staff costs (if applicable) etc. Where VAT is involved please show this. Failure to provide this detailed information may result in your application not being taken forward.

Where indirect costs are incurred relating to the support of the work to be funded e.g. costs of management, use of office equipment, space and activities that partly support the work to be funded, we will consider these and would expect such costs would not exceed 10% of the activity costs associated. Such costs should be included in your proposal and itemised.

For Strand 1 proposals where there are costs associated with increasing the hours of an existing staff member or hours for sessional staff who will be directly involved in the development and delivery of pilot projects you must include the hourly rate and any employers national insurance contribution.

  • Section 4 -Reference

This section should only be completed if you DO NOT have a charity or regulation number, please include a reference from an organisation who does have. Please ensure the organisation is happy to be contacted by SCVO to request confirmation of your organisation and its purpose.

Section 5 – Declaration

To be completed by ALL Applicants.

By submitting the application, you are confirming that:

  • You have the authority to do so on behalf of your organisation and other organisations where this is a collaborative proposal.
  • The information provided in the application is true and accurate
  • Your organisation meets all the eligibility criteria

When you have completed all sections of the application form you can if you wish to go back and review the content and make changes if you wish.

Once you are happy with the content click on ‘submit’ to finalise your application – you will no longer be able to edit your form after you have clicked ‘submit’.

You will be emailed a copy of all your responses. 

Page last modified on 23rd January 2020