Hints & tips

Please remember that this is a competitive application process. Your application will be assessed against other applications with only the strongest applications chosen to receive a grant.

  • Be clear and focused in setting out your case for funding. Tell us what you are going to do, why and how. If it involves training staff, let us know how many.
  • Make sure you demonstrate how the proposal fits with the fund
  • Demonstrate that your proposal will support the work that your organisation (and any other organisation involved in the application) does in relation to implementing the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016
  • Make your application as easy to read as possible. Use short paragraphs and an accessible font so that the decision making panel can give your application the attention it deserves. Do not be afraid to put things in simplistic terms – jargon often blurs what you’re trying to say.
  • You may find using bullet points useful to address the WHAT: WHY: HOW: DIFFERENCE: IMPACT; OUTCOMES;
  • Don’t just say you are going to contribute to a specific outcome – tell us how and the impact of this
  • The online application has to be completed in one go so you may find it helpful to type your responses on word document then cut and paste on to the online form
  • Ask someone else to proofread your application before submitting it.
  • Funders want to know there is value for money in the projects/activities they are investing in. Talk about the ongoing impact of your proposal.
Page last modified on 23rd January 2020