The Gathering
20th & 21st February / SEC, Glasgow
@scvotweet / #scvogathering

The power of purpose – building your brand from the inside out

Hosted by StudioLR

Date: Thursday 21 February
Time: 11.15am – 12.15pm
Room: Boisdale Suite 2

Great brands connect with people.

Your brand is not a logo – it’s what other people think of you. It’s your reputation. And the strongest reputations are built from the inside out. They’re the product of a thousand small gestures from people who are either inspired and part of it, or left looking in from the outside – feeling disconnected. A strong brand positioning will influence all decision making, helping you build a deliberately considered reputation and allowing you to communicate in a way that’s recognisably ‘you’.

By defining the purpose of your organisation and involving your people in the process, you will build an authentic brand and reap the rewards of a united, driven workforce.

Lucy Richards (Founder of StudioLR) and Joanna McCreadie (Chief Executive of Seamab) will demonstrate the power of this approach by example – sharing the insights and outcomes of their collaboration to create a dynamic and enduring brand for Seamab.

Please note this event is now fully booked!

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